We perform complete restoration on all types of furniture and woodworks.

Below is a Step by Step Restoration performed by BMD Workbench.


Step 1
Disassemble tray and apply remover (liquid methylene chloride base) . You can see the remover coming out of the brush, which is pumped from a 5 gallon bucket and recycled.

Step 2
Keeping the highchair wet with remover (about every 15 min.), the finish is loosened from the furniture. It is then scrubbed with the brush as the remover is coming out of it.

Step 3
The highchair has been scrubbed several times.
After sitting in the stripping tray for appox. an hour
it is ready to be rinsed.

Step 4
We powerwash with water to rinse and neutralize the remover starting from the bottom working our way up.

Step 5
Applying oxalic acid nutralizes the (PH) and lightens the wood from water stains and from darkening from being in the remover for long periods of time(1 to 2 hrs.) Notice the left side seat and part of the back has been lightened...

Step 6 - Figure A
Repair or highchair . The seat is split and the tray is in bad condition and the rest of the chair is loose.

In figure A, you see the seat and back that have been taken apart .

Figure B
In figure B, you see the tray taken apart.
Figure C
In figure C, you see the seat after it has been reglued being glued and clamped to the base.
Figure D
In figure D, you are seeing the back glued and clamped.
Figure E
In figure E, the chair is all assembled and ready for finishing.


(With Finish Applied)

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